Tabdil / Tolid(Conversion / Production)Isfahan, Iran
A site specific performance
Artists: Mathilde ter Heijne ; Zartosht Rahimi ; Amin Fakhari
Curators: Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Saliminan
June 22nd 2017
Safavi House, Isfahan, Iran
In this collaboration, Mathilde ter Heijne, Zartosht Rahimi, and Amin Fakhari take center stage, creating a fascinating fusion of visual and auditory experiences. Convert/Produce is a transformative exploration of unity and the profound power of connection, in which the artists use their bodies, voices, and extraordinary skills to create live performances that push the boundaries of traditional artistic expression.

The space-based performances of Convert/Produce aim to redefine the relationship between art and the viewer, initiating a fresh and dynamic dialogue with the audience. This artwork breaks free from conventional approaches, utilizing contemporary expressions and offering an inclusive and immersive experience. The performances intend to establish a more explicit and intimate connection, forging a direct and immediate bond between the performers and their audience.

Through a seamless interplay of imagery and sound, Convert/Produce invites viewers to enter a realm where art becomes the catalyst for transformative experiences. Collaborating with curators Shahram Entekhabi and Asieh Salimian, the artists create an environment that pushes the boundaries of tradition and explores uncharted territories of creativity. By challenging conventional notions of artistic production and consumption, Convert/Produce opens new avenues for dialogue, understanding, and collective exploration.

Within this artistic landscape, the audience becomes an integral part of the performance, actively engaging with the artwork and participating in a profound exchange of ideas and emotions. Convert/Produce serves as a platform for collaborative exploration, where individuals can reflect, connect, and rediscover their own perspectives within the shared experience.

Essentially, Convert/Produce represents a bold and innovative departure from the traditional relationship between art and the viewer. It invites viewers to embrace a new way of coming together, where art becomes a dynamic force that fosters connections, celebrates diversity, and stimulates collective transformation. Through this captivating blend of visual and sonic elements, Convert/Produce demonstrates the immense potential of art to unite and transcend boundaries, creating an unforgettable and enriching experience for all who engage with it.

تبدیل / تولید, اصفهان

اجراهای فضا محور

۱۳۹۶ یکم تیرماه

خانه صفوی, اصفهان

هنرمندان: ماتیلده ترهایته ؛ زرتشت رحیمی : امین فخاری

کیوریتورها: شهرام انتخابی و آسیه سلیمیان

یک همکاری تصویری و صوتی بین مخاطبان و هنرمندان که روح وحدت و قدرت اتصال در عملکرد است. این هنرمندان با استفاده از بدن خود، صدا، و مهارت به خلق آثاری زنده می پردازند که با ذهن فرهنگی ما صحبت می کنند، و پیشنهاد و راه جدیدیست برای گرد هم آمدن
اجراهای فضا محور تبدیل / تولید با هدف بهره مند شدن از شیوه های معاصر بیان هنری قصد دارد تا گفت و گوی تازه ای با مخاطب آغاز کند و با شیوه ای صریح تر، عمومی تر و بدون وابستگی به روش های سنتی و کالایی گذشته در ارتباطی مستقیم با مخاطب خود قرار گیرد