Asieh Salimian

Asieh Salimian is an Iranian curator who is active in the contemporary art scenes in Berlin and Tehran. As a curator, she is dedicated to driving positive change and dialogue in the art world between Europe and Iran. Despite the challenges faced by the art scene in Iran, including limited opportunities for showcasing contemporary works and a market-oriented approach, she is committed to advocating for contemporary perspectives in her curatorial practice.
The current situation in Iran reflects a growing awareness of history, social dynamics, political discourse, ecological concerns, civil rights, and gender equality, which have led to significant changes in contemporary art over the past fifty years. As a contemporary art curator, Salimian has experienced the limitations and biases within the art landscape, particularly for female artists, and she is determined to challenge the status quo and promote feminist values through her curatorial work.
Asieh Salimian believes that art has the power to serve as a catalyst for social change and is passionate about using her platform to amplify emerging voices and narratives. She is dedicated to creating inclusive and diverse art spaces that foster experimentation, critical discourse, and intersectional feminism. She is committed to curating exhibitions and programs that highlight the work of young Iranian artists and other marginalized groups, providing them with the visibility and recognition they deserve.
Through talks, workshops, classes, and art actions, she aims to facilitate intercultural dialogues, provoke meaningful discussions on gender, sexuality, and identity, and promote feminist art practices that challenge traditional norms and expectations